Meet our Cloud Security & Cybersecurity services. Entry-friendly, quality and clear.


In addition to our services portfolio of fixed-price solutions, we have more. In the area of Cloud Security, we want to offer the most complete set of services possible under one roof.

In this case, that involves a specfic set of additional services and capabilities. All in line with our thinking. We want to make, and keep, security affordable and available to every organization. Large or small.

Read on, and contact us today for more information. Or schedule a free intake. The solution is sometimes just around the corner.

Cloud MOT

Bring vulnerabilities into focus immediately. Do the Cloud APK for your organization.

Ransom demands, high technical and legal costs, and massive reputational damage to both customers and staff. This is what companies face that have fallen victim to cybercriminals.

Therefore, after intensive research, we provide our customers with an understandable Cloud Security inspection report with areas for improvement.

As a result, you will find out where you stand. Schedule an intake today.


Beyond our fixed-price service portfolio, of course, we also have customized advice. And not just any advice on Cloud Security.

In addition to being a Corporate Member, we are also a Trusted Firm according to the CSA. And that’s why we can offer a Trusted Cloud Consultant within our consulting service.

The cream of the crop when it comes to Cloud Security expertise. Formally included within a globally recognized registry of consulting parties. Inquire today.


Specialized training on Cloud Security is required. After all, this is a profession in its own right. An extremely complex mix of competencies is required to really get to the bottom of this.

Yet there is a difference of theory and practice. Primarily, we lean on CCSK training and certification from the CSA. Secondary, however, we offer distinctive hands-on training.

Focused on practice, with as little superfluous peripheral information as possible. Quickly become “fit for the job” in terms of Cloud Security? Then this is the best choice.


Cybersecurity Training

Take advantage of our Stategic Partner on Cybersecurity Training. You can go here for training courses such as CSSK & CCAK.

These are offered in a bundle of a training course and exam. With the distinguishing factors being; quality and success. Success in the form of success guarantee.

We are committed to education and closing the so-called “skills gap.” This is partly why we are able to offer these bundles competitively.



Similar to the Trusted Partnership within our “Cloud GR!P” compliance program. But then offered as a separate service to be purchased.

Partnerships play a key role in our formula. Why? Because this is the way to continue supporting each other exactly when it is needed. This is just a single example.

Join our network, and take advantage of the knowledge and expertise available in it. This way you still have expertise at your disposal without hiring additional FTE. Ideal for somewhat smaller organizations.