Your complete solution to “One Day Check-Up’s” for the Cloud. Get essential insight into your current environment. Have it thoroughly examined by an expert. Today.


Many organizations run into the challenge of being, and staying, compliant. While at the same time, they are especially busy
want to be with running their Business. You too, right?

Losing oversight of an IT/Business environment in the Cloud. Not having an understanding of all associated
risks. All factors with a potentially gigantic impact on the continuity of your business.

With all its financial consequences.

Timely checks to prevent this are therefore of great importance. Therefore, meet today with “Cloud
ASSESS”. Our fixed-price assessments, with unique hands-on approach. Suitable for any organization.

Have everything thoroughly examined by a certified Cloud Security Expert. Map it out. Get advice. And
take action. We are here for you. Inexpensive, thorough, understandable and “to the point” is how we work:

Translating technology into clarity

Advice and next-steps included

Scalable and fixed costs

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CSA CAIQ Assessment

When purchasing Cloud services, the common denominator lies in the shared responsibility in terms of operation. A (final) responsibility of both you, and your supplier.

With the CSA’s industry-leading Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ), you capture this cutting edge in terms of accountability exactly bare. Which forms the basis of sound risk management, among other things.

This will enable you to make the right decisions for your organization. And prevent problems. Ideally suited for SaaS solutions.

Cloud Assessment

There are many cases in organizations where compliance has been overtaken by reality. This makes sense. You want to do business, and more importantly, stay in business.

Indeed, the ease with which a Cloud solution can be purchased, and the benefit it gives your organization in terms of Business, can be significant. At least as long as it goes well.

Constantly changing regulations, demands from customers and suppliers in terms of cybersecurity, privacy, GDPR. This is the order of the day these days. From A to Z, the Cloud Assessment maps out where you stand. Our most incisive and thorough asssement available on the market.

Perhaps it is even time to say goodbye to a vendor. Get this mapped out, decide, and prevent worse. Filter out the rotten apples.

Privacy Impact Assessment

What organization today does not have to deal with this? More importantly, are you aware of the penalties your organization may face for negligence in this area?

Ever known that you are, and remain, ultimately responsible for your data, even if it is now outside the door with a Cloud provider? Let’s map this out together and explore it thoroughly. Working with certified Data Privacy Experts, we analyze the case for you.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the possible implications in this area. But make it work. Hand it over. Scalable by supplier, or for all your suppliers.

Vulnerability Assessment

You depend on your website in terms of Business, or you even have multiple websites. Face loss for your organization lurks here due to a hack. Loss of customer confidence, loss of sales, suddenly getting a bad name because of a press release, these are just a few examples.

This particular assessment identifies vulnerabilities before someone else does. It is simply a matter of who is first. Therefore, make it happen today. Have this checked by Ethical Hackers, who are on your side, just like us.

Per website or multiple websites negotiable, this is self-explanatory. More importantly, we first get in touch and start addressing this. Take action.