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Making and keeping online work safe for Dutch companies. That’s what Equility stands for.

But at a time when more and more time is spent in front of a screen, we find social connection and personal connections are becoming increasingly important.


“There is clearly an imbalance when it comes to the growth in cybercrime, and adequate or sufficient security of companies. Resulting in great damage to businesses and our economy. It is now time for action to fix this.”

– Robin van der Weiden – Equility, 2022.


Training a generation of people to be security experts and leaders. So that Dutch companies can continue to work securely online in the future.

Equility is committed to investing in future talent and therefore offers opportunities to grow in the field of cybersecurity.

– Robin van der Weiden – Equility, 2022.


2023 – 2025 Create awareness among companies with online processes and train new security experts

From 2025 Free provision of services to selected charities.


Are you looking for a new opportunity in online security for Dutch companies? If so, we’d love to hear from you!