Cloud & Cybersecurity

With our trainings, you’ll ensure that team members in your organization are up to date on the most important tips and tools for working safely online.

Secure online collaboration

Train your team and make sure sensitive information stays within your organization.

Based on relevant cases for your company, we prepare a customized training. This way, our training courses always fit seamlessly with your organization.

Any group size

From small business to corporate, customized training for the team.

On site

You choose the location of the training, we visit.

Fit for the job

The goal is a team that knows what to do with sensitive information.

Personal approach

With roots in Burgundian Brabant, Equility provides a cozy atmosphere.

Experienced trainer

Trainings are provided by experienced cybersecurity specialists.

Flexible content

We tailor the content to questions from your organization.

Working safely

Avoid problems and data leaks. Training is cheaper than ransomware.

Understandable language

We train your team through understandable Dutch (or English).

Prevent a data leak

During our trainings, we dive into the world of data security. At a location of your choosing, we teach your team to determine when data can be shared and how to do it securely.

CLOUD Training

Maak jouw team snel “fit for the job”. Met de in-house CLOUD training richten we ons specifiek op de realiteit van jouw organisatie. 

Als basis bieden wij de officiële CCSK training aan via de CSA. Aanvullend gaan we in op de praktische en relevante vragen en uitdagingen die passen bij jouw organisatie. 

Cybersecurity Training

Equility biedt een grote verscheidenheid aan officiële cybersecurity trainingen en examens.

We begeleiden kandidaten gedurende het gehele proces en bieden hiervoor een slagingsgarantie. Neem contact op voor aanvullende informatie.

There is clearly an imbalance….

when it comes to the growth in cybercrime, and adequate or sufficient security for businesses. Resulting in great damage to businesses and our economy. It is now time for action to fix this.”

Robin van der Weiden, owner Equility B.V.

Discuss your training

Meet during a video call. We freely discuss your team’s learning needs and requirements.

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